How To Get A Job In Norway

 Norway has a very stable economy and an unemployment rate of 3.8 per cent (February 2020). Although the cost of living in Norway is high. But, the country is rich in natural resources such as oil and gas, fish, forests. So in case you are moving to Norway? Or planning to immigrate to Norway for a job? At first, you must find a job for you. After that, you must have a residence permit to stay in Norway. The residence permit is the last thing you will need. However, the type of residence permit depends on many things like: 

  • Professional skill,
  • Competence,
  • Your Occupation in Norway.

Finding jobs for foreigners in Norway poses a huge challenge as a newcomer to the country. The ability of native English speakers is no real advantage as in other countries. This is because the majority of Norway’s people speak great English. So, to stand out and secure a position you have to have other professional skills and experience. 

How To Get A Job In Norway

Many job vacancies aren’t advertised openly. So, the primary task from day one is building up a professional network. This is hard to do from abroad unless you have highly specialized skills and abilities in your field. Here are a few points to consider on finding jobs for foreigners in Norway: 

  • Try To Learn Norwegian As soon As Possible
  • Start Integrating (aka volunteer) Immediately
  • Develop specialized skill
  • From your professional network
  • Try To Understand Norwegian Social Codes

If you come from a nation outside the EU/EEA and want to work in Norway, you must have a residence permit. First of all, apply for a residence permit to work in Norway in case you do not already have a residence permit.

This was previously known as a Work permit Visa. For example, could be a residence permit for skilled workers. Or for seasonal workers, ethnic cooks, self-employed people. And for the employees in a humanitarian, non-profit or religious organization.

The biggest business in Norway remains the business of vitality. Or the request for a wide range of expert designers continues to increase. Other mainstream enterprises include marine, shipping, fish and ICT. We posted the most recent job vacancies opening in Norway.

English Teaching Jobs in Norway

If you’re a native English speaker, teaching English job offers might be appropriate. All the job portals provided below are quite similar and have a huge amount of teaching English jobs in Norway. Teaching English, browse through each job opportunity.

  • ESL Employment: It is a very old and trusted website when it comes to job hunting. Also, it has an article section related to jobs. So, you read some articles that can be helpful to you.
  • Total ESL: This is the ideal site for people finding a job in teaching filed. As it is designed especially for teaching related jobs.
  • ESL Cafe: I personally like its design as it is matching to its name cafe and look I like a menu from which you can order a job for yourself. Also, it is having an opening from across the globe.
  • Tesall: This one is similar to the Total ESL as the structure looks very similar.

Other Websites and Blogs for Job Search

  • Just Landed: This is a very good site for ex-pats. However, regarding job hunting in Norway, they believe that you must have good links there. Also, they have suggested reading the daily newspaper. So that you will not miss any opportunity.
  • Prospects: This site is having all the information about trending jobs in Norway. Also, they have informed about the most uncommon jobs.

So, if you are on a job-hunting in Norway. First, Build your link, second learn Norwegian and last build your CV or cover letter very well and you are all set.