How To Get A Job In USA

How To Get A Job In USA

You have always dreamed of coming to live and work in the United States. While the US has strict immigration laws, you can still fulfill your dream with a bit of effort and patience. The most popular way to do this is from your home country to hunt for a job in America. The employer will file a petition to sponsor your visa with US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The (USCIS) manages the rest of the process until you have a work offer. 

  • Find a Sponsor for yourself.
  • Apply for a temporary work visa.

Find a Sponsor for yourself.

Usually, before you can come to the US to work, you need a job offer. Unless you are currently studying in the US, this means that you will need to look for and apply from your home country for US jobs.

Robert Half

#“America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms” – Forbes

On Robert Half, you’ll find thousands of job listings from companies around the world. Many of the possibilities are exclusive to Robert Half, so you’re not going to find them anywhere.

You can submit your resume, apply for temporary or full-time positions. Also, you will get time to time notification of job alerts. It will keep you updated on brand-new opportunities. It also offers tips to land a job and career development advice. You can check annual Salary Guides for current positions you are looking for actively. 


Without this entry, there would be no full list of the best job search websites. CareerBuilder has two significant points in its favor: size and durability. As it is one of the internet’s most extensive and longest-lived career boards. Their search feature allows you to search on parameters including location, job description, and pay scale. 

The platform uses Google AI to help connect work seekers with relevant opportunities. It provides job applicants with career advice and tools too. 


This top networking platform helps you to find jobs. Your profile serves as your resume. You can find and share career-related content easily. You can dive deep into thought leadership posts from notable individuals in your profession. And you can request suggestions. Also, industry groups encourage you to engage in professional discussions. You can follow organizations that you find exciting and important to your job search. More sophisticated search functions and facilities are offered by Premium paying features.

The site will give you weekly updates, job search tips, a resume builder. It has an extensive list of job listings. This website for job searches also enables you to submit your resume. It will then show it to hiring managers and recruiters in their searches. To connect job seekers and businesses via a completely automated process. The site uses AI and blockchain technology.


This website focuses on job opportunities for senior professionals, executives. You will also and others aspiring for senior management positions. They also charged a subscription fee, candidates seeking employment paying an annual salary of $100,000. 


Glassdoor not only allows you to browse for jobs. But it also will enable individuals to review the employer’s experiences. The ex-employees shares the details on salaries and benefits. It provides insight that job seekers may not otherwise know. Professionals who have spoken with an organization may also provide insight into the company’s recruitment processes. It can be very revealing, but all this knowledge should be taken with a grain of salt. Glassdoor helps employers, on the recruiting side, to recognize job applicants.


To ensure that its listings are new, this career search engine indexes jobs from more than 50,000 businesses. You can search via keyword and location for opportunities on LinkUp, and then you are sent directly to the company’s website to apply. Whenever a work meeting your criteria appears, you can have set up reminders to be informed.


Besides being the first big job search site, this huge job site was one of the first commercial websites. In more than 40 countries, it provides services including resume uploads, networking boards, business pages. It also provides a resume search tool and a mobile app. The site also tests your future match with a feature based on your abilities and interests.


It is a work search platform that gathers listings, including business career pages, job boards.


The business estimates that it lists work openings in 24 countries and 12 languages from 700,000 individual employers and operates job search engines. Employers may want to remember that the website sends the work posting for enhanced exposure to over 100 job boards.


Although Dice is one of the largest and best-known boards for technology and IT jobs. It involves far more than just technical roles, such as accountant, administrative assistant, editor of copies, and more. You can search for opportunities by company, title, skill, keyword, and place on its website or app. To upload a resume and access other resources, such as work alerts register in it. The platform also provides job seekers with various content, from career advice and tech news to wage prediction and career patching.


As a tool for small businesses to post job postings affordably, ZipRecruiter launched. It is now an online jobs platform that uses AI via mobile, web, and email services to connect companies of all sizes with job seekers. Search and apply for work, use ZipRecruiter’s mobile app, and get notified as soon as your application is viewed. The organization has relationships with many leading job boards.

5 things that you should do to get a job

1. Follow American format

Build a résumé and cover letter in the American format. This will tell the employer that you’ve done your research on how to get a job in the US. It shows that you will have less difficulty in going to transitions to an American work environment. If you deliver an American-style resume and cover letter.

Tips for American résumé are:

  • Provide exact statistics and figures for your successes in education or jobs.
  • Only have work experience that is specifically applicable to the role to which you apply.
  • Using reliable and straightforward fonts and formatting.
  • Be clear about your proficiency in English.

In your sector, search for American employers. The internet is America’s largest source of information for job-seekers, so you are in luck! The largest job search websites, such as Indeed and Monster, can be accessed anywhere in the world.

Set up an account (if you do not already have one on LinkedIn). Many employers, particularly if you are also applying online. You can use your LinkedIn profile as your resume.

2. Search for American employers of your desired company. 

If a business has before hired people from your home country, they’re more likely to do so again. Network with your country’s peers who now work in the US and find out what businesses they work for. 

Tips for using LinkedIn:

If you don’t know people on LinkedIn personally, try searching for HR or Managers of the company you want to join.

3. Contact a recruitment firm

If you’re an accomplished professional, contact a recruitment firm. Private recruiters, also known as “headhunters,” assist firms, such as high-level administrators and company officers. You can locate executive-level and other highly skilled positions. You can find it easier to work with a recruiter if you have 5-10 years of experience in an executive or professional role.

Watch out for work scam companies that say they can find a job for you in the US. Never pay an employment agent an upfront fee.

 4. Follow up on your submissions

After a week or two, follow up on your submissions. In the US, many employers don’t respond to applications. Be prepared to call the company for your application to follow up, and you may have to get more than once! The organization might decide to interview you if you’re persistent.

Schedule your follow-up calls or emails after you send your application, beginning one week. Follow up again after that, based on the reaction you received the first time you followed up. For instance, if the employer tells you that in 3 days someone will be in contact with you and you don’t hear anything at that time, call back on day 4.

Don’t call or email an employer more than once a week even though you don’t get any replies to your attempts to follow up on your application. If after a month you don’t get something, it is usually best to stop pursuing it.

5. Prepare for the interview

In-person or online, attend your interview. If you’re outside the country, an interview would usually be set up online. Or over the phone by any prospective employer. When you apply for a high-level or executive role, they usually won’t fly you in for an in-person interview.

And if you’re interviewing online, if you’re meeting in person, dress like you would. Try to locate a professional-looking position where you can chat without interruption. 

Before the interview, study the business. You can write down 2-3 questions to ask your interviewer about the business. This will show your research and interest in the company.

Suppose English is not your first language. Before your interview, you may want to rehearse with someone. Be prepared to talk about your relevant abilities and experiences. 

When you accept the job offer, inquire for funding if an employer, congratulations extend an invitation! That’s just half the fight, sadly. You need a visa to come and work in America now that you have an offer of jobs. Smaller businesses that don’t recruit foreign workers sometimes may not know what they need to do to get you into the country. So be prepared to make sense of the process for them. You can do some stuff here:

  • Tell your boss that a petition for you to come to America needs to be filed.
  • Point to the forms on the USCIS website and the directions.
  • Provide your employer with your passport documents, citizenship status, etc.

What kind of unskilled workers are in high demand in the United States?

Unskilled Jobs in USA for Foreigners

There are many unskilled jobs for foreigners in the USA. We will look at some of them in this chapter, which is most popular among foreigners who also pay well.


#1. The Worker from the Factory

In the US, there are several manufacturing companies that need manpower and labor for their production. You will find a job working as one of the employees of these businesses.
Production workers usually earn about $18,000 per year. Warehouse workers earn about $19,000 per year.
The hard-work factory worker earns around $45,000 a year on average, while production managers earn $65,000 annually.
#2. Painter
One of the unskilled work that foreigners can find in the USA is house painting. The work is in very high demand and it is predicted that the outlook will increase.
House painters receive between $30,000 and $45,000 annually in the US. nd if you work for a union, you are likely to get a wage boost.
#3  Worker for Sanitation
It may not seem enticing to most people to take a job as a garbage truck driver who goes from house to house picking up specks of dirt, but the job pays much more than you can imagine.
Within six months, a sanitation worker will earn between $19,000 and $35,000.
The longer you work with the organization, the closer you are to having around $65,000 in salary increases.
Interestingly, every year, a sanitation worker who has more than 20 years of experience will earn about $87,000.
#4. The Workers for Construction
Building work is among the most highly paying unskilled workers in the U.S. The job can be tiresome, it is true, but the pay suits the hard work.

A building worker with one to four years of experience, without overtime, receives $34 000 to $66,000 annually.
Staff with 20 or more years’ experience will receive $95,000 annually.

#5. Street Worker for Repairs

The maintenance worker is an unskilled worker who specializes in street repair, concrete patching, and potholes.
They often run small motorized devices, like those used for street maintenance.

About $44,00-$58,000 per annum, a street maintenance worker, collects. This varies from business to business.

#6. Worker in Detention
A custodial employee performs duties including sweeping, mopping, washing, conference tables, and other general house chores.
You must at least have a valid NC driver’s license in order for you to be a custodian.
A custodian receives $23,000 to $36,402 per year.
#7.  Worker Municipal
Among the highly paying unskilled workers that are in high demand in the US is municipal work.
These people do unskilled manual labor and $15 per hour is paid.

How will I get a job without any experience in the USA?

This is not going to be very convenient, frankly. About why? Since your background is one reason, you’ll be accepted for a position in the USA.

Only if you have the expertise they need to expand, can businesses employ you? But anyway, if you don’t have any experience and want to work in the U.S., you can always find employment from businesses that are going to take you up and train you.

The reality is that you just need a job to get experience and to get a job, you need experience. For a start, to be considered for an entry job in the U.S., you must have these abilities.

  • Skills for Contact
  • Teamwork Work
  • Telephone abilities
  • Problem-solving problems
  • Skills in Organization
  • Writing ability

Ways to get a career without experience in the U.S.

Here are some ways that could help you get a job in the U.S., especially if you don’t have any previous experience or knowledge. Read carefully through this section.

Networking operations:

It is based on recommendations that one of the easiest ways to get work in the US is. They may be anybody at all a family member, a friend of a friend, or a colleague. The main thing is that you need both online and offline, to create an extensive network of individuals. Let individuals know that in a specific field, you are searching for a job.

Furnish Yourself:

Classes, programs, seminars you need to attend. Get a certificate and get it if you can go out of your way to earn a degree. This will allow you to be aware of specific fields.

This is one of the best ways for foreigners to secure employment in the USA. If you are going to be in the medical sector, this would be very convenient for you.


By working for little or no money, an excellent way to gain experience is. It doesn’t sound like what you want to hear, but it can help you get the job you are looking for in your dreams. For you to get hands-on experience, internships and freelancing are a good fit.

Be a strong teller of a story:

Have a mind-blowing success tale that always leaves people in awe that you are the right person for the role, no doubt. People are going to want to know more about you, so be ready all the time to answer questions.

Edit your resume:

There’s a lot your CV says about you. Make sure that the central portion of your story is discussed in your CV. Organize a CV that doesn’t talk about your experience but looks forward to the wonderful stuff in the future that you have yet to do and contribute.

List of United States Unskilled Workers

  • Worker Foodservice
  • Unskilled flagger/laborer
  • Custodial employee
  • Street worker for repairs
  • Man for road maintenance
  • Worker of sporadic distribution
  • The picker and packer
  • Refuse worker at a hospital
  • Municipal employee
  • The worker on the utility
  • Collector Deny
  • Field Trans Dist. Mould Helper
  • Maintenance assistant
  • Worker in Construction
  • Maintenance of houses
  • Worker of Production
  • Sub weld helper Sub weld helper
  • Painter of Traffic
  • Maintenance of Parks
  • 3rd shift dept of Deboner.
  • Seasonal worker’s service
  • A worker in public service
  • Technician/receptionist from Rehab
  • Interim state park
  • Technician for solid waste
  • Engineer Stationary Engineer
  • A maintenance worker for water
  • Attendant of facility
  • Groundskeepers
  • Farmer on call

Apply for a temporary work visa

In visa terminology, “temporary” means “not permanent.” Depending on the particular type of visa, you have to renew your visa every few years. Usually, this allows you to return to your country of origin.

  • On your behalf, ask your American employer to file a petition. Usually, before applying for a non-immigrant visa to work temporarily in the US, you would already need to have a job. The employer who extended a work offer to you handles filing a USCIS petition so that you are eligible for a visa.
  • Specific categories require the US Department of Labor’s labour certification or approval. The types that need certificates are specified in the petition instructions.
  • Without an employer order, there are a few types of temporary non-immigrant work visas that will allow you to come and work in the US. You usually ought to be interested in foreign trade or investment to apply for a visa in these categories.
  • Wait until a petition from your employer is accepted. When their petition is accepted, USCIS will give your employer notice of the action. You will apply for a visa after this notice is issued. Your application will get rejected if you apply for a permit before the petition is accepted. And you will have to file it again after the petition is approved.
  • Some categories of temporary workers are limited, with only a fixed number of visas issued annually. It may be several years before the petition is accepted. It depends on the time of year when your employer files the petition and the number of applicants already waiting.

Steps to apply for a Temporary Visa:

Step1: Apply Online for a visa.

Complete your application, get together the documentation you will need. Some of the details from your records would need to be copied into your application. So it would help if you kept them handy. Although you can still save your application and return to it later, completing it all at once is simpler.

Step2: Check all documents.

You’ll need at least the following documents:

  1. Your valid passport.
  2. If you have already made travel plans or booked a flight, your travel itinerary.
  3. Your curriculum vitae or résumé (for information about your education and work history).
  4. The dates of your last five visits to the US. Suppose you have visited the country before and your records of foreign travel over the past five years.

Step3: Complete your online application for a visa.

You can complete your visa application online. Go to to start your application online. 

There’s no way to set up an account. So when you start your application, write down the application ID number. The ID number is in the upper right corner of the screen. You’ll need that number to access your application and finish it. If you lose your connection or have to stop before you’re finished.

The DS-160 application for a nonimmigrant visa requires that you include information about yourself. That has your history of education and employment and your criminal record.

You must have all your responses written in English. You should get someone to support you if you don’t feel like your English is good enough to answer all the questions.

The important point to note:

For your application, upload a recent passport-sized photo. To have your shot taken in front of a white background, go to a professional passport photographer. Ask them for a digital copy of your uploadable picture. You can also scan a print if digital images are not usable.

The digital images must be square, 600 x 600 pixels minimum, 1200 x 1200 pixels maximum. Please make sure that it is in JPEG format and not greater than 240 kb.

How to reach the US embassy?

Contact the nearest US embassy or consulate. Go to to get contact information for US embassies. Here you can obtain consulting by entering the name of your nation. Call or write to the nearest to you and tell them you are applying for a temporary work visa for a non-immigrant.

Ask if a consular officer wants you to be interviewed. They will arrange a time for you to come in for your interview if you do.

Also, when you submit your online application, you will get information about the local embassy or consulate. For any local rules on interviews that are unique to that area, check the website. Also, the consular officer with whom you talk will possibly go through these laws with you.

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