Asylum In Switzerland

How To Get Asylum In Switzerland

No doubt Switzerland is beautiful and it attracts tourist from across the world. But if you want to apply for asylum there what you should do? First of all, anyone can seek asylum in Switzerland. However, the only condition is that the applicant must have a valid reason to want refugee status.  

Steps For How To Get Asylum In Switzerland

We have elaborate on the basic steps that you need to know.

Step One

You have to fill an asylum application: 
You have the option to submit your asylum application form either orally or in writing. Also, you can fill the form at any Swiss border post or at a Swiss airport. However, the asylum seeker has to give proof of there identity by showing some valid document. You need to show original documents to the Swiss authorities.
Also, you will have to tell the reasons for leaving your home country. Sometimes they may ask some supporting evidence if possible.
and are encouraged to provide supporting evidence if possible.
However, it is not all possible to apply for asylum in Switzerland from any other country. In order to apply, you must be present in the country. However, if you want you can file a visa request with a Swiss diplomatic representation than go there and apply.

Second Step: Registration & Verification 

No, matter how you manage to take entry in the country. If you are asylum seeker then you have to report to one of the asylum centres. Check the list of the State Secretariat for Migration in Switzerland.
Their applicants will have to give their personal details with travel itinerary and reason to seek asylum. For, the identification purpose of your fingerprint and photograph will be taken. It is also done to determine whether they have sought asylum in Switzerland in the past under another name.  
After the registration process, the applicants are given accommodation in federal reception centres. They have to stay there throughout the asylum procedure. The whole process takes 140 days. If they find something wrong you may be called again for the investigation process. Also, Asylum seekers may not bring family members into Switzerland for the entire duration of the asylum procedure.
Also, Applicants can not work during the first three months after they fill an asylum application. However, this can be extended to six months.
That’s all for the asylum application process in Switzerland. For more information regarding asylum, protection checks our site.