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How To Get Food In Lockdown In India

The Time I am writing this post the number of cases in India is raised to 1070 with the death toll at 29. Nobody knows when this is going to be stopped and in this situation only we can do is stay in our home. But, what about the people who are not even able to reach there home. Now, stuck in the battle between COVID-19 and hunger which one to win? Not only COVID-19 but hunger is also hitting the death troll in India. As a report from the wire 24 Migrant workers and their relatives have died while returning home due to hunger. This makes me very sad that we need to fight together by helping the need one to send them their home back. So, this article is about how to get food in lockdown in India.

Although many celebs and politicians have donated the money to help the country in this tough situation. But, there is a need for more enlightenment and proper resources through which the help can be given to needy.

How To Get Food In Lockdown?

No one will have to go hungry during the lockdown: CMO Delhi

If the person is stuck in Delhi then they can take help from the government. The government has set up 568 Hunger Relief Centres in schools and  238-night shelters. They have also mentioned the capacity to feed lunch & dinner to is  4 lakh persons daily. So, please spread this news to the workers, migration or anyone who is stuck in the pandemic situation.

how to get food in lockdown

The above picture is showing the areas where these camps and shelters are located. So, anyone who in need can take help from there.

Relief camps, accommodation for migrant laborers in Haryana

In total 15 temporary shelter homes having a capacity of around 5,000 people are set up by the Haryana. The numbers of shelters can be increased by the government in the next 24 hours. However, there are strict instructions to all the factory owners to provide the facilities and resources to their laborers. There are also asked not to ask them to vacate their accommodations, even if they do not pay the rent.

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Posted by GOA Reportcard on Saturday, 28 March 2020

Delhi govt sets up 500+ hunger relief camps
Kerala sets up 4603 relief camps for over one lakh migrant workers

But People Don’t Want Relief Camps They Want To Go Home?

Thousands of workers are refusing the relief camps and refused to stay at the place where they are and want to go there home. In this situation doing so might not be good for them as it will create only panic and will lead to destruction only.