How to get job in Tirana?

How to get job in Tirana?

Albania’s late embrace of free-market economics has resulted in a surge in job openings in Tirana. As a result of the increasing quantity of foreign investment in the country, many industries are rapidly expanding.

Tirana, Albania’s capital city and home to the country’s financial and industrial areas, is at the heart of the country’s economy.

Agriculture is one of Albania’s most important businesses, but the pharmaceutical industry is growing in importance, and textile and metal manufacturing, as well as the services sector, are all contributing significantly to the country’s economic prosperity.

 looking for a job In Tirana?

One of the most typical careers for ex-pats migrating to Tirana is teaching English as a foreign language, but with the strengthening economy, there are also changes in a variety of fields.

Websites such as Abroad can be useful for expats-to-be trying to find work in Tirana, particularly as teachers, while CareerJet and Dua Pune are also viable solutions for a broader range of jobs.

 Teaching  English

It will be the simplest solution for you to teach English (if you are a native English speaker that is). All of the sites listed below are fairly comparable and provide a large number of teaching English job opportunities. Look through each site to see if there are any Albania employment openings. Also, have a look at this amazing table from the International TEFL Academy, which shows how much money teachers can earn in various nations throughout the world.


  1. ESL Employment: The layout isn’t the most attractive, but who needs a fancy website when there are so many English teaching jobs to select from?
  2. Total ESL: Another too complex interface, but plenty of job posts for teaching positions in other countries.
  3. Dave does an excellent job of aggregating some of the greatest job postings from across the world at ESL Cafe.
  4. Tesall is a large job aggregator for teachers.

Tirana Work Permits

Albanian work permits are given by the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth. Expats will usually receive assistance from their company in obtaining a work permit, but they will often require that you have a visa first.


A work permit normally requires the following documents:


UNDP does not charge any application, processing, or training fee at any point of the recruitment process as a matter of policy. Please go to this page if you have any inquiries about vacancy announcements you may have received.

UNDP is now aware of fraudulent vacancy announcements being spread on the internet with the intent of convincing people to enroll for training and pay a fee.