How to open a bank account in Germany, List of Some Best Banks in Germany

How to open a bank account in Germany?

As you might probably know, Germans are very bureaucratic. To open a bank account in Germany you will have to collect several documents and follow certain procedures.
The procedures and documents required to open a German account may vary to a certain degree among banks in Germany. However, there a list of documents which are common for most banks.

The application for opening a German bank account can be made online or in person.
If you apply online you will have to follow the procedures as explained below

  1. Open the bank’s website 
  2. Print out the application form
  3. Fill properly the application form to request the opening of your German bank account (Girokonto)
  4. Print out your “PostIdent” form and sign it
  5. Your passport or a legal ID
  6. A copy of your registered address in Germany (Meldebescheinigung)
  7. Get to the closest post branch and send your application to the address of your bank

Best Banks in Germany

N26 – Best Bank for English Speakers

N26 bank accountIt seems like banks in Germany are still stuck in the last millennium.

Believe it or not, but right now N26 is the only bank in Germany that lets you sign up for a bank account on an English website.

While at most other banks you still need to physically show up at an office to prove your identity, N26 lets you sign up completely online.

So setting up your German bank account has just become incredibly easy.


✅ English signup process
✅ Free Maestro card and Mastercard credit card
✅ Free money withdrawal up to 5x per month from any ATM in Germany and worldwide with N26 Mastercard

✅ English signup process

As already mentioned N26 is the only German bank at the moment that offers an English banking interface and also an English signup process.

If you ever tried to learn German you can imagine how helpful this really is.

✅ Free Maestro card and Mastercard credit card

Once you sign up with N26 you will get both a free of charge Maestro card, which you can use in shops and restaurants and a free of charge Mastercard credit card.

So on top of being very convenient N26 is also free of charge, which is an exception nowadays with the low interests where banks need to earn money by charging for their accounts.

✅ Free money withdrawal

With your N26 account you can get out cash for free up to 5 times a month at any ATM in Germany.

If you are travelling a lot it gets even better as you can get out cash for free at any ATM worldwide as often as you want.

And on top of that there are around 7.000 retail stores in Germany where you can get cash for free.

In summary there is no reason at all not to sign up with N26 right now.

The signup process is online and in English, the account is completely free of charge and you can get out cash for free at any ATM.

Continue here if you want to check out N26 and sign up with them.

DKB – The Best Direct Bank in Germany

dkb logoDKB – Deutsche Kreditbank is a direct bank from Berlin that has been voted best direct bank by Focus Money for already the sixth time in a row.

This is something no other German direct bank has achieved ever before. That is a good indicator that DKB is a great choice for your German bank account.


✅ Free unlimited money withdrawal from any ATM in Germany and worldwide with DKB Visa card
✅ Very easy and clean online banking interfaceGreat customer service
✅ Ability to sign up without German address
? If you can’t provide a steady income application might get declined

✅ Free unlimited money withdrawal

Getting out cash without paying fees at any ATM is a big plus for signing up with DKB.

With traditional banks like Sparkasse or Hypovereinsbank you can only withdraw money without a fee at ATMs of their branch.

But especially in rural areas or in Berlin finding an ATM of your branch is very difficult.

And even better, with your free DKB visa card you can also withdraw money from any ATM worldwide free of any costs.

✅ Online banking interface

DKB’s online banking interface is state of the art and makes online banking easy and fun. Everything, that you needed to go to your local bank to in the past now can be done online.

DKB of course offers a secure line (SSL) and transfering funds can be done with the usual TAN system.

✅ Great customer service

DKB offers a local 24/7 service hotline concerning any problem that you might run into.

So whether your account got closed due to suspicious login attempts or you have some questions regarding your account there will always be a friendly DKB employee to help you with your problems.

✅ Ability to sign up from abroad

In the past (and with most other banks still today) you needed to provide a German address in order to get the final documents sent.

So if you did not have an apartment (because you did not have a German bank account yet) things could get very tricky.

So if you already know that you gonna move to Germany sign up already from abroad with DKB.

? Declined application

We have heard that DKB sometimes might decline applications without telling you a reason why.

We suspect that in order to offer that great service and good rates DKB makes sure to minimize the risk of getting ‘bad’ customers that might not have enough money on their bank account.

But if you get accepted, which is usually the case, you can be sure to have made the right decision to sign up with DKB.


DKB – Deutsche Kreditbank has been rated best bank in Germany in many leading consumer magazines from Focus Money to Handelsblatt.

This comes in as no surprise as DKB really offers outstanding advantages to many other traditional banks such as free money withdrawal worldwide or 24/7 service hotlines.

So if you are looking for a bank account in Germany make sure to sign up with DKB.

Especially foreigners will appreciate the ability to sign up from abroad and their customer service that also usually speaks English.

Postbank – Best Traditional Bank in Germany

PostbankSimilar to DKB also Postbank has won several awards in the past including the one for safest online bank by Focus Money.

Doesn’t this give you some peace of mind moving all your banking from traditional banking to online banking?


✅ Local branches throughout Germany
✅ Girokonto just 3,90€ per month
✅ Free withdrawal from 10.000 ATMs from Cash-Group in Germany
✅ Free Visa Credit Card for 1 year
? Only free cash withdrawal from cash group ATMs

✅ Local branches

If you do not feel comfortable yet to open up an online bank account then Postbank is your best choice.

Postbank is a traditional bank where you do all your banking in their local branches. But of course if you want to do your banking online, Postbank also offers that option.

✅ Girokonto just 3,90€ per month

Good news is that Postbank is less picky when it comes to accepting applications. But this means that they will charge a little fee for the Girokonto plus.

✅ Free withdrawal from cash group ATMs

With your Girokonto you will automatically get an EC-card which will enable you to withdraw money from any Cash Group ATM free of charge and also pay in most supermarkets/restaurants/shops cashless and also free of charge.

In fact Germans do love paying with their EC-card even for goods less than 5 Euros. So get prepared to always bring your EC-card wherever you go.

✅ Free Visa Credit Card for 1 year

Make sure to opt in for a free of charge Visa Credit Card. This way you will be able to also withdraw money for free worldwide if you are frequently traveling.

Be aware that the Credit Card will cost 29€ per year from the second year onwards.

? Only free cash withdrawal Cash Group ATMs

Usually Cash Group ATMs are everywhere to find, but sometimes, especially if you need to get out cash urgently, it might happen that you need to use a non cash group ATM. And this will cost you money.


If you don’t feel comfortable with online banking yet then Postbank is a very good choice to open up your German bank account with.

The Girokonto will cost a monthly fee but with just 3,90€ a month that is a fair offer.

Oh and their local branches are usually very modern and service is very good. Not without good reasons Postbank was voted “best Girokonto” in 2014.


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