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Relief Camps Uttarakhand

Hunger Relief Camps In Uttarakhand

In this article, you will get information about ongoing hunger-relief camps in Uttarakhand. Although the number of positive cases in Uttrakhand is four only ( 7th April 2020). But, the total number of active cases in India are 4,911. Also, the death toll raised to 137.

We can an exponential increase in the number of cases. It is also possible that the 21-days lockdown period can increase. If the number of active cases keeps on increasing. There are many people who are in Uttarakhand due to this lockdown. We will see the hunger relief and shelter camps to help the people set up in Uttarakhand.

We are continuously writing on relief camps across India. So, that it should reach to the person who needs food or shelter. In this article, you will get information about the camps in Uttarakhand.

Relief Camps In Uttarakhand

The people who are in Uttarakhand are given with shelters and food. In total, 24 hunger relief camps are set in the state.


For more information, you can also check, our site. Recently we have posted an article ongoing camps in Uttar Pradesh.

The government is trying its best to provide relief to poor people by providing food and shelter. We will update you about the various relief camps started. It is important to share the good and helpful information to people who needs it. So, if you are seeing this please direct the people who need the food.