Relief Centers In Dehi

Hunger Relief Centers In Delhi

In this article, we will discuss the list of relief centers in Delhi. The pandemic COVID-19 has spread like fire in India. At first, it was taught the situation in been under control but now, the number of cases have shown a sudden hike. The numbers of the confirmed cases as on today(02, April 2020) in India is 1,965. The death poll has risen to 50. Today is 9th day of 21-day lockdown. India is struggling with so many problems at the same time. Whether is a rescission, an increasing number of positive cases exponentially or common people suffering from hunger and not able to find food.

The government is trying its best to provide relief to poor people by providing food and shelter. We will update you about the various relief camps started. It is important to share the good and helpful information to people who needs it. So, if you are seeing this please direct the people who need the food. In this post, we have only shared the information about the relief camps in Delhi. We will update the information about the other state camps too very soon.

Relief Centers In Delhi

These maps have been posted all over the net so that anyone can take help or guide anyone who in need of help. You may have a question about the timings and all the stuff. So, answer that the camps servers food twice a day with lunch at 12 pm- 2 pm and dinner at 6 pm-9 pm. There are in total 586 hunger relief centres in Delhi. The capacity of the camps is to feed 4 lakh, people, daily.