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An info-guide for refugees and migrants in English.
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Rights in Exile Programme

List of pro bono legal assistance providers is a directory of organizations, lawyers, and others who are able to assist refugees free-of-charge in legal matters and help secure refugee rights. This list may also be of use to legal providers assembling and arguing cases elsewhere in the world for information on country of origin, case development, and other help.   

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Canadian Council for Refugees

The Canadian Council for Refugees is a national non-profit umbrella organization committed to the rights and protection of refugees and other vulnerable migrants in Canada and around the world and to the settlement of refugees and immigrants in Canada. (English) (French)

CCR Member Organizations: (English) (French) 

Canada links, visa, asylum, travel documents, passports, identity cards

Websites or documents about legal rights and procedures about migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in this country.

Visitor visa: How to apply  : (English) (French)

Canada Immigration Visa :

Find out if you need a visa:

Asylum Process in Canada (Letter of Invitation)

Government website to be informed about the asylum process and apply for.

Asylum Process in Canada

Government website to be informed about the asylum process and apply for. (English) (French)

Fraud Advice for newcomers to Canada: (English)    (French) (Arabic)

Asylum Process Information For Refugees

All information about the asylum process.

  1. For Privately Sponsored Refugees (PSR) (English) (Arabic) (Farsi) (Amharic) (Kirundi) (Oromo) (Somali) (Dari) (Swahili) (Tigrinya) (Spanish)

To Find a Sponsorship Agreement Holder:

Government link to search the list of private sponsor in Canada (English) (French)

  1. For refugees under the blended visa office-referred (BVOR) program (English) (Arabic) (Farsi) (Kirundi) (Oromo) (Tigrinya) (Spanish)


Canada VISA Information

Official Website to Apply for Visa in Canada


Refugees and asylum

Apply for refugee status from within Canada, find out how to come to Canada as a refugee, sponsor a refugee or find refugee services in Canada.


Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Departmental Plan 2018–2019

Asylum claims by year – 2019


Canada links, healthcare, health insurance, doctors, clinics, mental health, hygiene, hospitals

Websites or documents about healthcare rights of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in this country  (French)

The Canadian Health Care System

Undocumented Migrants in Canada: A scope literature review on health, access to services, and working conditions

Social Work and Social Welfare in Canada 

Canada links, hotels, renting, buying, housing, shelter, accommodation, camps

Websites or documents about possible places where people can live in this country.

Refugees Welcome (Housing) /


Canada links, unaccompanied minors, young people, children

08. Unaccompanied Minors, Young People, Children

Websites or documents about minors’ rights and protection in this Country

JMD (Youth Migration Service) (12-27 year-olds) 

Rights of children

Source: (English)

Source: (French) 

Canada links, women, men, LGBTQ+, elderly, disability, minorities, diasporas


LGBTQ2 refugees

Rainbow Railroad is one of a few organizations in Canada dedicated to protecting the rights of LGBTQ+ refugees.

LGBTQ Rights 

Canada links, education, school, university, enrolment

Education, Schooling, University, Enrolment

Websites or documents about education, schools, and universities in this Country

Websites for learning Canada 

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Source: (English)





Canada links, employment, jobs, work permits, bank account, cash transfer, welfare

Websites or documents about employment, sectors and industries where migrants work the most, and about work permits in this country.

Source>> settlement.or

Government Websites (The government publishes labour market research. You can use this information to understand trends in your career area.)


Total number of jobs in Canada in 2018, by industry.

Distribution of the workforce across economic sectors from 2008 to 2018

National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2016>>