Iraq Education: Iraq Schools

Iraq Education system is controlled by the national Iraqi government. This public state education is provided free from Primary to Doctoral degrees. Private education institutes exist and the  expense of the schools make them unattractive to most citizens. The main attraction is freedom and lack of control by the Iraqi government and allowing students to decide which study and career path they would like to choose.

Iraq Education: Pre-primary Education

Preschools serve children of age 4-5 years.

Iraq Education: Primary School

Students are eligible at age 6. This school consists of 6 grades. The passing of a examination and receipt of Primary School Certificate makes them eligible to attend Intermediate School.

This education system is suffering because of difficult economic conditions.

It leads to parents either not sending their children to school or children dropping out of school at an early age. Moreover, there is also frustration among teachers because of their low salaries. Shortage of textbooks and miscommunication between teachers and parents.

Intermediate School

In Iraq Education system students then attend Intermediate Schooling, grades 7-9. On completion of the 9th grade, students give the National Intermediate Baccalaureate Examination. On passing this exam students can then enter a vocational school.

Some schools in Iraq only include intermediate stage. And therefore the students have to complete the preparatory education at another school. Most schools both have intermediate and secondary stages.

Secondary School

Secondary Schools are from 10-12th grades. There are two categories of Secondary Schools- General and Vocational.

Secondary School

Students attend Secondary School from 10-12th grades. There are two types of Secondary Schools: General and Vocational. General schools offer  well-rounded education. There are three branches of schools: Agricultural, Industrial and Commercial.