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Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF)

The BCF’s contribution in the field of health care is as follows:

  • Building or contributing in the building of health care facilities especially in remote areas of the Region or at refuge and IDP camps where such facilities needed the most
  • Provision of medical supplies and medicine for public health care centers and hospitals
  • Provision of professional medical service through running mobile or short-term surgeries where doctors and medical experts provide free health consultancy services to low-income people, refuge and IDPs.
  • Financial aid provision to people-in-need to cover for health care and medical services
  • Provision of medical equipment to disabled and people-with-special-needs such as wheelchairs, vision-aid and other necessary equipment

https://www.facebook.com/BarzaniCharityFoundation99/ (facebook page)

http://www.bcf.krd/lat/ (Kurdi)

http://www.bcf.krd/a/ (Arabic)

http://www.bcf.krd/k/ (Persian)

http://bcf.krd/e/ (English)

Iraqi Red Crescent Society

Iraqi Red Crescent is running the health assistance in Iraq

https://www.facebook.com/iraqircs (facebook page)

https://www.ircs.org.iq/ (Arabic)

https://en.ircs.org.iq/ (English)

WAHA International (Women and Health Alliance)

https://waha-international.org/countries/iraq/ (English)

https://www.facebook.com/wahainternational/ (fB)



WAHA International intervenes in Baïji alternative hospital, including in the maternity and reproductive healthcare department, as well as in the emergency room and operating theater, which is ready to provide surgical care to casualties. The organization also set up a referral and transportation system for patients in need of a higher level of medical care.


WAHA International opened an emergency room and a maternity in Al Alam hospital. We also deployed a mobile clinic providing primary healthcare services to displaced populations in Al Alam camps 1, 2 and 3. A second mobile unit allows us to carry out outreach activities in surrounding villages, including Azwai. When necessary, patients are referred to Al Alam Hospital.


WAHA International opened an emergency room and a maternity in Al-Dor primary health center.



In the village of Hasan Sham, East of Mosul, we are providing reproductive healthcare with a mobile unit open 6 days a week in a camp run by UNHCR and the Iraqi Ministry of Displacement and Migration. We also conduct outreach activities to inform women of the available services and increase use.


WAHA provides a rapid response for pregnant women in the villages surrounding Khazer by running a fully equipped mobile delivery unit.


In Al Zahraa, situated in Mosul, WAHA is supporting a maternity unit, an emergency room and the provision of primary health care in a local health facility.



In Qayyara, South of Mosul, WAHA International refurbished two floors of Qayyara hospital and supports the provision of trauma care services as well as of comprehensive reproductive health care services.

Leveraging WAHA International’s initial support, the hospital is currently being fully refurbished by the local Department of Health.

We are also ensuring the provision of primary health care services at the nearby Qayyara primary health center.


We are running a reproductive health care unit including a delivery room, in partnership with UNFPA within Debaga city in the district of Makhmur. We are also running a mobile clinic in Debaga Camp 2 which is situated in Debaga village.



We provide specialized mental health services for women and children suffering from trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder and for survivors of gender based violence. We support Azadi Hospital and the Mental Healthcare Centre for Children and Adolescents with staff and specific training and deploy two mobile units in surrounding camps.

Three options are available according to the severity of the need: follow-up as out-patient, enrolment in our program at the day hospital to maintain links with family and ensure relatives play an active role in the therapy, and, for severe and acute cases, short-term in-patient treatment.


Now that essential services (water, electricity) are becoming available again and that the security situation allows local populations to return, WAHA International set up a primary health center in Tall Afar to meet their essential health needs.


In Sardeshti, we provide primary healthcare services in a container based health facility. The clinic provides essential care in an area that was previously cut off from medical services during IS occupation.


We rehabilitated the Snuny hospital, and we are running 24/7 primary health and reproductive health care departments including a delivery room.

The United Iraqi Medical Society (UIMS)



https://www.facebook.com/UIMSIRAQ/ (fB)

http://ar.uimsiraq.org/ (Arabic)

http://www.uimsiraq.org/Default.aspx (English)

Mobile : +9647707779931

Email : info@uimsiraq.org

Baghdad, Iraq

Iraqi Al-Amal Association
Aid relief, health services, training,

Medecins Sans Frontieres
Baghdad Medical Rehabilitation Centre (BMRC) providing support to victims of war in Iraq. (physical and psychological support)
Phone (Amsterdam): +31205208700