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Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF)

The project is among the BCF’s most successful initiatives so far and it makes one of the foundations’ major works. It was found in 2009 and continues to run successfully up to date.

The project consists of two components: Orphan Care Project/Emirates, which is sponsored by the United Arab Emirates Red Crescent and benefits more than 6000 orphaned children under the age of 18 years; Orphan Care Project/Kurdistan, which is managed by the BCF

and funded by BCF with donations from private companies, charitable people and business people from the Kurdistan Region and currently benefits more than 4500 orphaned children under the age of 18 years.

https://www.facebook.com/BarzaniCharityFoundation99/ (facebook page)

http://www.bcf.krd/lat/ (Kurdi)

http://www.bcf.krd/a/ (Arabic)

http://www.bcf.krd/k/ (Persian)

http://bcf.krd/e/ (English)

IDP Birth Registration KRI (Campaign 2015)

Information about the process of birth registration in KRI (documents in Iraq folder)

https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/documents/files/birth-registration-arabic-2015.pdf (Arabic)

https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/documents/files/birth-registration-english-2015_0.pdf (English)

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