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Casa a colori di Fondazione LaCasa, Padova

Housing and work search

Via del Commissario 42, Padova
+39 049 680332
tel. 049-715988

Casa a colori  is a privileged area to include, after a training period, individuals belonging to disadvantaged social categories. Thanks to the ability to have a job, they can build a more robust project of life and relationship.


Popular Gym in Rivolta Via F.lli Bandiera 45 Marghera 30175 

Liberalaparola – school of Italian for everybody – nobody is illegal

Situated in Centro Sociale Rivolta, Via F.lli Bandiera, 45 – Marghera (VE) 

Tel.: 3492823942 o 3493611063

ParoleInMovimento was born as an Italian school because language is the first barrier that an immigrant meets in the country of arrival but can become the most useful tool for full inclusion. This school, however, aims to go beyond the simple teaching of the Italian language and to be a place of exchange, expression and sociality.

The school takes place in Ca’ Bembo Liberata e-mail:,  , : Referees: Sara Monaci +39 3337645815; Silvia Corsi +39 3356599763

Associazione SOS DIRITTI Venice 

It has the Venetian Observatory against the racial discrimination. The observatory carries out consultancy and orientation towards offices and services able to handle the individual situations: ASGI, the Mestre Street Lawyer, the Global Village Cooperative and the Workers’ Rights Association – ADL Cobas.


Popular Gym Hurricanegym for free, courses of boxe Opens on Tuesday

Talking Hands tel. +39340 274 1823

Both activities are inside Centro Sociale Django, Via Monterumici,11 – Treviso

Fuoriclasse – scuola di italiano per il mondo:  via Terraglio 1, Treviso. The place is under the overpass near the train station. Volunteer referee: Antonella Bellero +39 349 463 2006 (call evening time) 

Binario 1: Piazzale Duca d’Aosta 7, Treviso, Italia (under the overpass near the train station) Referee: Marco Zabai +39 320 4525160

Dormitorio autogestito Caminantes, Treviso

It is a small shelter (9 decent places) giving hospitality to vulnerable cases of homeless (increasing the foreigners – refugees) responding to the lack of public service in the city. The volunteers pass around 8pm in the train station and give a ticket to homeless who would like to be guested. At 9pm the homeless people can go in front of the place, located inside Centro Sociale Django, Via Monterumici,11 – Treviso. No personal cooking allowed. 


Cucine popolari CEPs provide various services: canteens, showers, laundry, clothing distribution, medical clinic, living rooms, listening center, information, guidance, company, support, family and social accompaniment. 

Most of these services are completely free; for others, a small contribution is required in proportion to the availability of applicants. They are in via Tommaseo 12 Padova, in front of the train station. Managed by nouns. Tel: 049 875 08 58, Fax: 049 661 093. E-mail: Director of the house: Gianesello Sr.Lia. 

Hours: Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 8.00pm, Saturday from 8.00am to 2.30pm

Casa dei Diritti “don Gallo” is a Squat in Via Tommaseo, 90 in Padova. Among their various activities are: Counseling Desk on Migrant Rights, Work, Home Affairs, Residence Permit; Italian School ‘Libera La Parola’; la Cycle Store; The Social Garden ‘NO BORDER’; The Panche Project; The soccer team

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Bassano del Grappa (VI)

Associazione Casa a colori, Bassano del Grappa (VI)

Viale Scalabrini, 3 36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI) and Piazzetta Poste, 1 36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI) Tel e Fax 0424504160 Mail It helps migrant brothers. Catholic organisation. Set up to try to solve the housing problem with the creation of first and second reception centers, it subsequently engaged in training and intercultural education by providing literacy courses and job placement and the protection of immigrants opening an information desk.

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Rete solidale di Pordenone Referee: Luigina Perosa +39 3405958339


Ospiti in arrivo Via Bertaldia 38, 33100 Udine (Italy)