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Italian legislation provides that all minors, both Italian and foreigners, have the right and the obligation until the age of 16 to take part in the national education system. Under LD 142/2015, unaccompanied asylum seeking children and children of asylum seekers exercise these rights and are also admitted to the courses of the Italian language.1 LD 142/2015 makes reference to Article 38 of the Consolidated Act on Immigration, which states that foreign children present on Italian territory are subject to compulsory education, emphasising that all provisions concerning the right to education and the access to education services apply to foreign children as well.


University of Bologna

A project promoted by the University of Bologna and the Municipality of Bologna for the integration of refugee students at university

University of Venice

The University of Venice awards 3 Scholarships to both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students classified as Political Refugees. Successful candidates will be waived from tuition fees, as well as minimum tax and regional tax.

University L’Orientale of Napoli

Students holding ‘political asylum’ or ‘subsidiary protection’ will be entitled to the exemption from university fees and contributions, up to a maximum of 12 (twelve) recipients per academic year

Torino University

100 scholarships for students refugees or with international protection (a.y. 2017-2018)


Adult Education in Italy is provided in Provincial Adult Education Centers (CPIA), a governmental system of schools with special rules (aka courses are also evening time, for workers…)

Who can enroll in CPIAs: 

  • Adults, even foreigners, who have not completed the compulsory education and who intend to obtain the final study title of the first education cycle 
  • Adults, even foreigners, who are in possession of the final qualification of first cycle of education and I intend to achieve the final study title of the second cycle of education 
  • Foreign adults intending to enroll in the Italian Literacy and Learning Paths 
  • Youths who are 16 years of age and who, having the title of the final study of the first cycle of education demonstrate that they are not able to attend daytime classes. CPIA Adult Education 

The organisations of CPIAs is demanded to regions: to find the centers it is possible to look for “CPIA+name of the city” or see “IDA+name of region”.


During their study abroad year in Rome, students have the chance to ask these questions directly, learning more about the refugee situation in Italy and throughout Europe through community-based learning activities and the Rome Global Gateway collaboration with refugee centers in Rome. Here, we focus on the experience of students who volunteer at the Joel Nafuma Refugee Center (JNRC)

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