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Cinformi Immigrazione

The Immigration Information Center is an operational unit of the Department of Health and Social Solidarity of the Autonomous Province of Trento, and it is the immigration center as a reference point for foreign and Italian citizens as well as for public and private bodies.

The offices of Cinformi are open to the public at:

Trento (also covers Pergine Valsugana)
from Monday to Friday
from 09.00 to 13.00 on Thursday until 15.00
Via Lunelli, 4 (map)
Phone 0461 491888, Fax: 0461 491899

Monday to Thursday
15.00 to 18.00
Corso Rosmini, 92 – ground floor
Phone 0464 750308

Riva del Garda
on Wednesday
from 08.30 to 12.30
Via S. Nazzaro, 47 – c / o Cooperativa Arcobaleno (map)
Telefono 334 6815670

Borgo Valsugana
on Mondays
from 8.30 am to 12.30
Piazzetta Ceschi, 1 – c / o Community of Valsugana and Tesino
Phone 334 6810675

on Tuesday (except on the last Tuesday of the month)
from 08.30 to 12.30
Via Bronze, 8 / A (third floor)
Phone 334 6815670

Cles (also covers Malè)
on Wednesdays 

from 8.30 am to 12.30 am 

Via Pilati, 17 – c / o Community of the Valley of Non 

Phone 0463 601626 

Primiero S. Martino di Castrozza 

the third Thursday of the month 

from 9.30 am. 11.30
Via Guadagnini, 21 – c / o Condominio Genzianella
Phone 0439 763196

Pozza di Fassa
on the last Monday of the month
from 09.00 to 13.00
Via Strada de Meida, 23 – use
cell. 0462 763102

Centro Sociale Bruno 

They support equal rights for migrants and refugees.

Via Lungadige S.Nicolò, 4

Piedicastello | Trento 



Bolzano – Bozen

Reception centre for refugees in transit is located on the ground floor of the ‘Conte F.J. Forni’ building in Via Renon in Bolzano. The Centre receives male and female refugees in transit and their family members. It is a temporary residential facility open to refugees for periods of not more than 30 consecutive days. In periods when no refugees avail of the facility, or when there are free places, EU and non-EU homeless women are accommodated at the facility in dedicated rooms, with precedence given to EU citizens from the Province or City of Bolzano.The facility can accommodate up to 20 persons in five rooms. Admission to the facility by refugee users is authorised by the Managing Body, on referral by the Caritas-Bolzano Refugee Advisory Service, while admission of homeless women to the area of the facility reserved for them is approved by reasoned decision of the Managing Body. 

The facility offers:

    • Day and night residential care (24 hours a day) for periods of not more than 30 consecutive days with a total of 20 sleeping places

  • Breakfast and meals service (midday and evening)
  • Personal care and hygiene service available
  • Kits for personal hygiene where users do not have such items
  • Basic clothing in cases of need
  • Cultural mediation in cases of need.

Management: A.T.I. ‘River Equipe’ Soc. Coop. / ‘Volontarius’ Associazione di Volontariato, 31 Via Renon, Bolzano, Ground floor of  ‘Casa Conte F.J. Forni’ building, Tel. 0471 40 23 38 (24-hour dedicated line) for minors, for volunteers, for prostitutes, for homeless/refugees/emergency shelters, for protection against discrimination. Tel direct: 0471 052038 Fax: 0471 052039 E-mail: e


They manage also Refugee Centre at former Gorio barracks