Jobs And Work? Know The Work Style In Syria!

Syria lies in the Middle East. It is between Lebanon and Turkey. That is bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The nation has 605 km of the Iraq border. 76 km of Israel border. 375 km of Jordan border. 375 km of Lebanon border. And 822 km of Turkey border. Check The Work Style In Syria.

The climate and population in Syria

The heat is never high. And some breeze and humidity are present. March and April are mostly cloudy months. The center of Syria has a mild climate. Summer days are hot but they also have low humidity.
Nights are mostly cool year-round. Syria has a city with a population of 20 million people. More than 90 percent of these are Arabs.

More about Syria-

  • Syria is a democracy.
  • That is under the military.
  • Sunni Muslims account for 74 percent.
  • Other Muslims are Alawite and Druze.
  • These account for 16 percent. Christians account for 10 percent.
  • Tiny Jewish groups are located in Aleppo, Al Qamishli, and Damascus.
  • The legal language is Arabic.
  • A few Syrians speak both English and French.
  • The Syrian pound (SYP) is the currency.
  • Syria’s timing is GMT+2.
  • International nursery and schools exist.
  • These normally run from 8 A.M to 1 P.M.

Work Style in Syria

Most of the people in Syria At UNRWA.  It stands for United Nations Relief And Work Agency.

  • It has more than 30,000 employees.
  • Most of whom are Palestinian refugees.
  • A small number of foreign employees.
  • Two headquarters are in Gaza and Amman.
  • Five offices in Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and the West Bank.
  • Four offices in New York, Geneva, Brussels, and Cairo.

About Headquarters-

  • Gaza Headquarters comprises Office of the Commissioner-General and the Division of International 
  • It also has the Office of Legal Affairs and Public Records. 

Amman Operations Covers-

  1. Human Resource
  2. Accounting
  3. Facilities

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