How To Find Jobs In Iraq

Iraq is enriched with heritage, world-famous poets, painters, and best sculptors in the Arab. So in case, you are planning to move to Iraq first you should check how to apply for an Iraqi visa. This is the first step after that you should find a job in Iraq. The competition in Iraq is less as the population is very moderate. It has an estimated population of 40.22 million and ranks 36th in the world. So, there are fair chances you will get a job in Iraq. 

Iraq is famous for its fine handicrafts, rugs, and carpets so if you are good at handicrafts you can try your luck in these fields otherwise you can check some top-rated jobs in Iraq listed on

Language Teacher: 

You can be a language teacher as there are so many languages that are spoken in Iraq. You can pick any of the languages the first language in the list is like the Arabic language ( Mesopotamian Arabic) then came the second most spoken language which is Kurdish, followed by the Iraqi Turkmen.

How To Find Jobs In Iraq

Classifieds and General Job Search Engines

Below there some sites listed below for your reference the response you can expect from these sites may vary from a 0.5 to 1.0%(The response rate means the people who will respond back to you by seeing your application/CV.) But still, you should give a try to these sites.

  • Gulf Talent: The site has a very user-friendly design with a lot of jobs and opening in Iraq.
  • BaytThe biggest job search site in Middle Eastern.
  • NaukriThis is the world-famous site.
  • Monster Gulf: The Monster job search is one of the oldest brands.
  • Career Jet: The Career Jet is a very popular job site in Iraq.
  • Learn4GoodThe website Learn4Good has a various number of jobs from every level.

Job-Related Blogs

  • About.comA good simple website with an article related to jobs in Iraq.

Other Overseas and Expat Job Portals

    • Overseas Jobs:  You can find a significant amount of jobs on this site.
    • Go Abroad: Go Abroad is a very popular and good site and you can find a number of jobs. The site provides the jobs posted across the world. The site also provides internships throughout the world.
    • Linkedin: Linkedin is very popular nowadays. It has a huge professional social network and you can definitely try this it has a wide network.