Means of Transportation in Pakistan

The transportation in Pakistan is vast and varied, but still in its developing stages. It serves a population of more than 170 million. Building new airports, highways, and railroads generate employment for many.

Transportation In Pakistan-


In the early 1990s, the development of motorways began. The aim was to create a world-class road network and lower the load off the national used highways. In 1998 the M2 motorway was the first completed motorway. It connects Islamabad and the cities of Lahore. Several new motorways like the M1 motorway and M3 motorway have been also opened

Pakistan Taxis 

  • There are a few taxi companies that operate in many of the bigger cities in Pakistan. Particularly for traveling from airports to city centers.
  • 24-hour taxi services are reasonably priced and effective mode of transportation. But, many businesses during the holy month of Ramadan can not operate after sunset.
  • Travelers do have the option to take an auto-rickshaw which is convenient in urban areas. These are cheap but it is important to negotiate rates before embarking on any voyage.

Car Rental

  • The larger centers including Karachi, Rawalpindi are get represented by car rental agencies. If all else fails, an entity or two is expected to be in the nearest airport.
  • Many of the larger hotels can arrange vehicles for their guests, too. But, both inside and out of towns, the traveler can find the roads very dangerous. Both the roads and the drivers are of poor nature.

Pakistan Trains 

  • Pakistan Railway is a national railway company, operates a wide network across the country. The mainline operates from Karachi (20 hours), Rawalpindi (28 hours) and Peshawar (32 hours) to Lahore. Passengers can also choose daytime or overnight travel.
  • Travelers have also first and second class options. Air-conditioned trainers are the perfect choice during the peak summer season.
  • Tickets can be bought at all local bus stations, with free travel for children under the age of three and half-price for those under the age of 11.


  • The most famous travel company for intercity buses is Sammi Daewoo Express. This bus runs regular services between many of the larger cities.
  • The prices for these journeys are very fair-sometimes cheaper than trains-but it can take many days for the journeys.
  • There are many other Sammi Daewoo cheaper bus and minibus firms. But, they are the most effective and comfortable, providing air conditioning in their vehicles. Like most bus companies, there is no need to book ahead, as buses leave local stations almost every hour. This is all about the most used Transportation In Pakistan.

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