Means of Transportation in Norway

Norway has old water transport traditions, but the road, rail, and air transport have increased in importance during the 20th century. Due to the low population density, public transport is somewhat less built out in rural areas of Norway, however public transport in, and around cities is well developed.

Public Transportation in Norway

Long-Distance Buses

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Those who decide not to explore Norway by car will be glad to hear that Norway has a comprehensive and reliable bus system for long-distance travel. Nor-Way Bussekspress runs one of the largest express bus networks in Norway. They run 18 routes, mostly across the south of Norway, and tickets can be pre-booked online via the Nor-Way Bussekspress website. Buses named as

  • norgesbussnettbuss Norway
  • unibuss

Travel Comfortably by Train

If you prefer to travel by train, Norway offers several routes and connections with the Norwegian State Railways (NSB). The network is limited compared to that of the long-distance buses, but the service is excellent.

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Norway’s fantastic scenery makes train journeys often enjoyable and a good way to travel for ex-pats and tourists alike, as you can see much of the country while also traveling at a fast pace. The train journey from Oslo to Bergen comes highly recommended in terms of scenic landscapes.

Names of Trains:

  • Lokal
  • VY Regiontog
  • VY Regiontog (night)
  • Flam Railway

Traveling by Air: Saving Time and Money

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There are 59 different airports in Norway, and flights cover various routes between the north and the south. As Norway stretches across 324,220 km² and extends about 1,750 km from north to south, traveling by air can save lots of money and time. These three airlines are examples of some which operate domestic and international flights from many destinations in Norway:

  • Norwegian
  • SAS Braathens
  • Wideroe

Traveling with a View: Ferries

  • Ferry lines can be a useful mode of transport, as all of Norway’s large cities (Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Tromsø) sit on the coast. Ferries can vary in sizes, including great tourist routes from north to south, smaller commuter ferries in the north, and shorter fjord-crossing journeys.

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  • Traveling by water is often faster than traditional land-based transportation, thanks to significantly less traffic. Journeys around Norway can be split between driving and ferries by using car ferries for fjord crossings or for longer parts of the journey. Names are:
  • Color Line
  • DFDS
  • Stena Line
  • Smyril Line

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