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Educational system: Palestine

Educational system- The educational system in Palestine is handled by the Palestinian Ministry. Here schools are generally split into boys, girls. and co-educational schools. Enrollment is high at...

How To Find A Job,List Of Top Paid Jobs In Palestine

Enrich with olive trees, beautiful beaches, and with 650 stone producing sites, Palestinian is definitely a great tourist attraction in spite of all the harsh relationship with Israel. Geographical...

Best Time to Visit and Explore Palestine

Best time to visit Palestine The best time to explore and visit is from March to May and from September to November. When the weather is warm, sunny and mostly dry. The summer months of June to...

Category - Palestine

Best Hospitals In Palestine

Post Views: 8 Palestine’s healthcare includes both private and non-private hospitals. Below you can find the list of some best hospitals in Palestine. The list of the hospital is given for these three regions...

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