Schooling And Education System in Turkey

Turkey, a country situated in both Asian and European continents. The majority part of the country situated in western Asia and some part of Europe. The living standard in Turkey is very much good, so if you are planning to move here with your family then your decision will be good. The first thing that you must concern about is the education of your children. Education standard in Turkey is very much good, the schools and the universities have high standards. Education in Turkey is very good. The standard of education is very high. Here is a brief description of the education system in Turkey.

Education System In Turkey

The Education system in Turkey consists of the primary, secondary and tertiary or higher education.

Primary Education

Primary Education is the most basic part of education in the country. The constitution of the Republic of Turkey itself says that education must be free and compulsory for all the citizens. Some of the schools which are privately run, but the majority of the schools in the country are financed and operated by the state itself. Primary education for children in Turkey begins in the first month of September after the age of 6. After successfully completing the primary education students will be rewarded with the primary education diploma.

Secondary Education

Secondary Education in Turkey is also compulsory for all the students in the country. Children start their secondary education after successfully completing their primary education or after getting primary education diploma. Secondary education starts at the age of the 14 years and continues for 4 years. The secondary education covers general, technical and vocational studies in general. Also, students must be taught the Turkish language as their mother tongue, which is mandatory for all the students. After successfully completing the secondary education students will be awarded a Lise Diplomasi (Secondary School Diploma). This also means that the students can appear for the examinations for higher education.

Tertiary Education

Tertiary Education or Higher Education is not compulsory in the country. Turkish Universities also considered being as the Republican Institutions where students can pursue their higher education. There are different types of educational programmes which are offered by those universities, like four-year or two-year programmes. The four-year higher education schools run on the foundation by the law. Whereas the two-year education schools run a by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK).

Turkish Universities have high standards all over the world. Some of the universities also ranked top in the region. These Universities offers almost all the programmes in which the students can enrol. Also, refer to Best Universities in Turkey.



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