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Schooling & Education In United States Of America

The United States of America is a country with 50 states and it is very populated. The USA is also a better and best country to work, as it has some of the most reputable companies in the world. So, if someone is going to get settled in the US they must think about the education of their children.
The Literacy rate in the United States of America is approximately 99 percent. This is due to a law that assembles its citizens to have the necessary primary education. Schooling & Education In the United States Of America is provided by private, public sectors.

Education System In United States of America

The Education System in the US falls into a different category. Which helps students to learn and explore new things in a fast manner. The American education system provides a rich field of alternatives for global students. There are such an array of schools, programs that impress the students. even those from the U.S. Let’s discuss there different categories and types.

Pre to Primary School

The education of the child in the US usually carries on from the age of 5 to 6 years. Pre-school which is normally known as Kindergarten schools. And these schools are not much compulsory. Private organizations run the majority of these schools. And the various childcare organizations also run. These organizations usually focus on special things like language learning or early education.
Primary Education for the students generally starts at the age of 6 to 7 years. This stage is also known as Elementary School. And in many areas provided free of cost by the government. The Elementary school starts or begins from the first grade to the fifth grade.

Secondary School

Secondary school also belongs to Middle School or Junior High school. Middle High School usually begins from the age of eleven to twelve years and lasts for three years. Middle School starts from the sixth grade to the Eighth Grade. This type of Secondary School education is also free of charge in the United States.

High School or Senior High School

High School is the most necessary part of education. As it decides phase for a student to choose with what he/she wants to chase his career with. The High School usually starts at the age of fourteen or fifteen years and ends in around eighteen years. High schools allow students to choose their core subjects.
Senior High school here often belongs to graduation or college. This stage makes students study, their respective subjects in colleges or universities. And can also lead to masters. More than of the colleges or universities which are under the government. And they also provide a large number of scholarships to their brilliant students. So this is all about Schooling & Education In the United States Of America.
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