Have a Look at the Best Hotels in Australia!

Australia’s cheapest hotels are located around King’s Cross. An eight-bed dorm begins at around AU$26. And a four-bed dorm begins at around AU$33. Private rooms range from AU$80-120 per night. It depends on things like the venue and shared or private bathrooms. Below is a list of  best and cheapest hotels in Australia :

Hotels in Australia-

1. Hump Backpackers

  • This hotel is a friendly place. 
  • Many events are organized by the workers here.
  • Every night there is free breakfast, coffee, and tea. And a lot of events.
  • The beds are soft and comfortable.
  • The showers are kept clean and the lockers are massive.
  • Hump Backpackers is located in the King’s Crosstown.
  • It is surrounded by restaurants, shops, and bars.
  • Place haS plenty to do in the city.
  • But you must in the age of 18-35 years old.

2. Lord Wolseley

  • This hostel is situated on the upper levels of a traditional restaurant.
  • So there is no real living room.
  • And essentially the kitchen is a toaster.
  • But you’re close to Chinatown so there’s cheap food nearby.
  • The downstairs bar is still lively.
  • And on Saturday nights, they play excellent blues music.
  • The rooms themselves are very small.
  • Its location near to Chinatown.
  • And Central Station makes it cheapest place in town.
  • Darling Harbour is just 5 minutes away.

3. Asylum Sydney Backpackers Hostel

  • The Hostel workers are the best.
  • They’re always the friendliest and most helpful.
  • Asylum is near to Kings Cross station, the Opera House and Botanic Gardens.
  • These are just a 30-minute walk away.
  • Safety is top-notch.
  • Itis with two front doors closed, and cameras.
  • The dorms are small.
  • And they all have their bathroom.
  • There are open areas indoors and outdoors.
  • And here daily breakfast is free.
Beds AUD USD 33.

4- Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

  • It is located inside the national park surroundings.
  • This conservation-based resort
  • . It is considered one of Australia’s top ultra-luxury destinations.
  • Because of in-room pools.

5. Sydney Harbor YHA – The Rocks

  • This is the only hostel in the harbor area.
  • It has spectacular views over the city.
  • The famous Opera House from the rooftop.
  • It is also within walking distance of Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Harbor, and Luna Park.
  • The rooms are extremely spacious.
  • Each bed comes with its light for reading.
  • There’s also a large kitchen.
  • It has several communal areas on-site and even a grocery store.
  • To me this is Sydney’s Best Hostel!
  • Beds available from 100AUD/70 USD.

5. Blue Parrot Backpackers

  • This hostel is run by two sisters, Effie and Sasha,
  • The rooms are pretty ordinary.
  • The hostel is super homey.
  • It feels like you’re staying with your family.
  • There are games and a pancake night at the hostel too.

Beds from AUD 35 / AUD 25.


These are some of the Best and the cheap hotels in Australia.