Best banks in Switzerland

Best Banks in Switzerland

The Banking sector of Switzerland is very much developed. Switzerland has one of the best banking systems in the world. Their banking system has a very large size, business focus in the legal form. The central bank of Switzerland is the Swiss National Bank. They handle the monetary policy of the country and acts as the independent central bank as well. The primary goal of the SNB is to handle price stability. The bank is also responsible to create an appropriate environment for the growth of the economy. The banks in Switzerland contribute significantly to the financial growth of the country.

Best Banks In Switzerland

UBS Group AG

United Bank of Switzerland (UBS) is the leading bank in Switzerland. It is the largest and one of the best banks in Switzerland. The bank is present in almost all the major financial centers throughout the world. UBS has offices in more than 50 countries. More than 60,000 employees are working in the bank worldwide. The banks provide services to many sectors like private institutions, corporates, and others. The bank has around 280 operational branches. And has more than 4500 hundred professional staff in Switzerland. UBS has the most number of customers in Switzerland.

Credit Suisse Group AG

The Credit Suisse bank is an investment bank founded in 1856. The Credit Suisse bank has its head office in Zurich, Switzerland. This bank has made its presence in more than 50 countries. Around 50,000 employees from over 170 different nations serve in the bank. They are also the leading wealth management banks. Having specialties in investment banking capabilities with a strong presence in the home country.

Raiffeisen Switzerland

The Raiffeisen is the third-largest bank in the large Swiss banking sector. It is the leading Swiss retail bank in the country. Raiffeisen Switzerland is the union of all Raiffeisen banks present in the country. They have the most number of branches in the country providing services to their clients. The bank holds total assets of around 229 Billion which makes it the third largest bank in the country. It has also classified as one of the most important systematic banks in the country. It requires to meet the special requirements to get that status. The bank has almost 3.8 million clients only in Switzerland.

Zurich Cantonal Bank

The Zurich Cantonal Bank is the largest Cantonal and fourth-largest bank in Switzerland. This bank is the leading financial services provider in the Zurich area. They also offer a comprehensive range of products and services to major banks. The bank has more than 80 operational branches in Switzerland in private banking. They provide services like private banking, commercial banking, and assets management.