The School And Education System in Mexico

If you’re moving to Mexico with your family, an important decision you’ll face is how to continue your children’s’ schooling. The school And Education System in Mexico may not have the strongest public schooling available. But there are a variety of options available to you.

The Mexican education system

Pre-school (which is optional and privately-funded) is accessible for children starting at age three. Primary school is obligatory from ages six to twelve, after which middle school (also mandatory) is for children aged twelve to fifteen.

Primary school (or Primaria) offers free of charge to children in Mexico and obligatory for all children aged six to 12. Primaria starts in grade one and concludes in grade six. New standards designed by the SEP.

Middle School or Junior High School (Secundaria)

Secundaria begins at the age of 12 for Mexican students only and normally consists of three years (grades seven to nine). During these years students receive more focused and specific higher education, including courses on subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, World History and more.

Mexico also offers distance learning programs, for students aged between 12-15. These are the type of online programme.

High School or Preparatory School (Preparatoria)

Preparatoria was not obligatory for Mexican students until very recently. It is now compulsory for all children in Mexico to complete their education upto the 12th grade. However, there are a wide diversity of options available for higher and specialized education.

There are two main types of high school programs in Mexico:

  • SEP Incorporated Preparatoria – the Government via the Secretariat of Public Education run this and mandated the curriculum.
  • University Incorporated Preparatoria – affiliated with a local University.

You can also choose schools from other minority programs such as the International Baccalaureate program. There are technology and commercial (commercial) programs (future outside higher education). Each of these programs carries different systems and methods of teaching, but in order to recognize, each must include a national subject and pass standard qualifications as established by the SEP.

One difference between Mexican Preparatoria schools and American High Schools, i.e Preparatoria allows students to select some degree of specialization. The schools preparing students for higher and specialized education (college or university), the first half of the year devoted to a common curriculum. These schools often called Bachilleratos and focus on a specialization of the students’ choice. i.e physical or social sciences (chemistry, biology, commerce, philosophy, law, etc.) to artistic endeavours (literature, fine art, music, etc.) later in the school year. So this is all about The school And Education System in Mexico.