Top 5 countries for Indians to migrate

India has largest Diaspora in the world with more than 16.6 million people from India living overseas. The number of Indian-born persons residing abroad was 15.9 million in 2015.

So, where the Indian lives in abroad??

The top 5 countries account for 66 percent of all migration outflows are –

  • UAE (16.3 percent)
  • USA (14.8 percent)
  • Saudi Arabia (14.8 percent)
  • Pakistan (14.4 percent)
  • Nepal (5.8 percent)
  • Other popular destinations include UK, Kuwait, Oman, and Canada.

Why Indians migrates?

A common goal of immigration is better quality of life, job opportunities and money. But many are mistaken to think that it’s a distant dream. An economic crisis has pushed many financially stable countries into precarious situations where they are closing doors on immigrants. But as they say one man’s loss is another man’s gain. There are many countries that are currently opening up their doors to skilled and motivated workers.

Is it difficult to migrate in another country?

Moving to another country is not really very arduous. As soon as you decide to migrate abroad, consult your family members, as it impacts lives. Next you need to see if you meet the education requirements. Then visit each country’s immigration website for the occupations in demand. The next step is to apply for Visa. Migration laws keep changing so consulting migrations agencies can make life easier.

post by : Maitri Jha