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Turkey visa from the UAE: a short guide

You can get a Turkish visa online at e-Visa Republic of Turkey. UAE citizens can easily get a visa for a short stay in Turkey, for tourism, or for business. If you need further support to apply for a Turkish visa as an Emirati citizen you can use also a visa service like iVisa or VisaHQ.
To get a work visa for Turkey, you need to apply together with your future employer in Turkey. You can do that at your local Turkish embassy or in Turkey, read here about how to get a work permit in Turkey. If you want to find a job in Turkey you can read here on how to find a job in turkey

To get a student visa, we didn’t write an article about it yet, so for now, look at this Studee article, it’s in English so use Google Translate if you need it. But still, you need a place to study first, so look here about some good Turkish universities
At the moment, April 2021, you still need to take a test and fill up this form before arrival to enter Turkey, but for the most updated travel restrictions to Turkey check the IATA Travel Center and contact your airline before traveling. 

How to get a visa for Turkey from the UAE?

If you have an Emirati passport, you can get a visa online at the e-Visa website of the Republic of Turkey Electronic Visa Application System. You can apply anytime and any day and you should get an answer in less than 48 hours.
Your Turkish visa will be valid from your day of arrival for a total period of 180 days, but you cannot actually stay in the country for more than 90 days.
You will obtain a multiple entry visa, that means you can get in and out of Turkey as many time as you want during those 180 days, as long as you don’t stay more than 90 days in Turkey. 

How long does it take to get a visa to Turkey?

Less than 48 hours, that’s what is advised by the e-Visa official website. If you want to get it faster you can apply through iVisa and obtain your visa in less than 24 hours, 4 hours, or even 30 minutes. 

How to get help with your visa application?

You can apply for a Turkish visa on your own at the e-Visa official website where they have also a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page in Arabic.

But if you need a Turkish visa in less than 24 hours or if you need quick personalized help with your visa application you can go through a reliable visa service, like iVisa.

Ask more help for Emiratis at iVisa 

Where do I apply for a Turkish visa?

Apply for visaon your ownwith iVisa
Visa Applicationyesyes
Expert Advicesome at the contact pageyes by messages, email, or phone
Checking documents before submissionnoyes
Read more, Apply

Read more, Apply

How much is a visa for Turkey for Emiratis?

60 US Dollars plus online payment fees, less than two dollars normally depending on your method of payment. The e-Visa official website accepts many different payment methods.

Can UAE citizens get a visa on arrival in Turkey?

NO, as confirmed by the e-Visa Republic of Turkey official website, so you need to get a visa before as probably even your airline will not let you on the plane without a visa.

Things that you want to know before starting an e-Visa application at e-Visa official website

Your passport must be valid for at least another six months from the day you intend to come to Turkey.

e-Visa is only valid for tourism and business or trade events, not for work or study.

By clicking “Apply Now” on e-Visa official website and selecting your citizenship you can verify your e-Visa eligibility.

A separate e-Visa should get obtained for each passenger, including children, Although children get included in the passports of their parents.

You must press the ‘approve’ button and continue with the payment within 24 hours following receipt of the ‘e-mail address check’ message. If not, you will have to do a new application.

During the transaction, if payment gets suspended and unsuccessful process, unless otherwise told, please do not make a new application or payment.

The e-Visa is not refundable.

The fee for e-Visa is in USD only., if You don’t have USD accounts. A corresponding amount gets deducted from your account in your local currency.

After payments get made, you get sent an e-mail with the connection to download your e-Visa. When you enter and leave Turkey, please print or keep your e-visa email with you.

Please note that you must file a new request if you want to enter before the date specified.

After the process, no details get updated after e-Visa is processed. You are responsible for ensuring that your information is exactly the same as your passport information. Your e-Visa would otherwise be invalid, and no refund is due.

You can contact the e-Visa Help Desk for all further information via “Contact Us”

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