Turkish Visa For Pakistani Citizens!

Turkey is a popular destination for Pakistani travelers. It is due to its beautiful and colorful culture. That attracts tourists from all over the world. Turkey is an Islamic country so, you get all Halal there. Pakistanis love to visit the Islamic Country as it welcomes everyone.

The method of visas is easy. You may send an e-visa application online to any decent travel agent and process your visa. But, the E-Visa option is advisable because it saves time and money.
When you visit Turkey in 2020 and want to know about visa requirements. And then the process of application. Turkey’s visa fee, documentation, and time of processing that’s the right place. Below is the entire operation.
The Pakistani people need a visa for Turkish entry. Ordinary holders of passengers can apply via eVisa. If they hold Schengen, United States, UK, or Ireland visas or house permits. An embassy provided by Turkey must refer to the other permanent holders of the passport.
The eVisa is available online through Turkey eVisa. The visa will then sent to the e-mail address of the applicant. The printed ready for presentation at the point of entry into Turkey if approved. You get a single entry sheet, which allows you to remain in Turkey for no more than 30 days per admission in total.

What is Visa Electronic?

An electronic visa is an official document allowing access to Turkey and travel. The e-Visa is an alternative to Turkish missions and entry ports.
After you have entered the necessary details and payments using a credit or debit card. It can be MasterCard, Visa, or UnionPay. The applicants receive their visas electronically.

On the last step, you are told that your application got completed. Please see the link to download your E-Visa. Furthermore, the same connection will be sent to you to download your e-Visa. You can check your e-Visa on the system through passport control officers at entry ports. But, it is recommended that you keep your e-Visa on your computer. Either as a soft copy or as a hard copy if the device fails.

As with other visas, the Turkish officials reserve the right. At the entry points, to deny an e- Visa holder entry into Turkey without any justification.

What are e-Visa ‘s advantages?

E-Visa can get accessed anywhere on the web. Also, it saves time to apply for a visa for Turkish missions or port of access to Turkey (if you are eligible).

What did I need for an ONLINE EVISA TURKEY?

You’re glad to know you don’t have to apply for an eVisa for Turkey online. In the application method, you must have the following:

  • Passport – All applicants should have a travel document. Furthermore, the travel document must remain valid for six months. There must also be at least two blank pages.
  • Image – you have to make sure that you take the photo as soon as possible. It must be a white backdrop. If the visa gets granted when the applicant arrives in that country. He must have two photographs of his passport-size attached to the document.
  • The payment method can be a Credit card or PayPal account. Payment implies.
    Visa or residency permit scanned copies of Schengen, USA, UK.
  • Application form completed online.

How is it possible to be done with my application?

It’s about it. Our online service provides you with three different processing options. So you can select the one that works best for you. You can pick here: Here is

Normal visa processing – in 24 hours, your Turkey arrives.
Rush processing – your request gets processed within 4 hours.
Processing the Super Rush document-in 30 minutes your travel document is ready.

What is the price?

Your Turkish eVisa got calculated by the amount of money you spent on the processing. The following are:

Processing norm – USD 86.50
Processing of rush – USD 106.50
Processing of Super Rush – USD 126.50

Have you got any added-on details about THE EVISA TURKEY?

The people of Pakistan will have to prove that they have all legitimate papers at the border. All applicant’s details got encrypted and used for the visa process only.
Turkey’s possession of a visa does not give entry into the country. At the point of entry, the migration officer can refuse any person’s entry. If he/she believes that the immigration requirements have no met national security. Extensions to the visa must be sent to the Turkish Department of Immigration. It is with the necessary documentation and a description of intent.


The eVisa is valid 180 days after arrival in Turkey. The largest stay is 30 days, in total, per entry. Single entry visa.