Visa free countries for Iraq

Visa free countries for Iraq

Citizens of Iraqi passports are eligible to visit eight countries without a visa. Svalbard, Malaysia, Bermuda, and Dominica are among the top countries.

According to the Guide Passport Ranking Index, the Iraqi passport ranks 107th. It is rank as the world’s second-lowest-ranking passport. Only 27 countries offer visa-free entry to Iraqi passport holders. Which includes Sri Lanka, Dominica, Madagascar, and Seychelles. An Iraqi passport holder requires to get a visa for 202 places before going. As a result, the passport ranking is low on the total global mobility score. Iraqis must apply for a visa in advance for key locations such as the United States and the European Union. Applicants must show documentation such as evidence of funds. And a return airline ticket when applying for a visa.

Ranking of Iraqi passports

Things that account for a passport ranking:
The number of countries that allow Iraq passport holders to enter without a visa. And those that allow Iraq passport holders to enter by obtaining a visa on arrival. Or an electronic travel authorization determines the Iraq passport ranking relative to other global passports.
  • Six Iraq passport visa-free countries,
  • 20 Iraq visa-on-arrival countries and one eTA destination are now available.
Iraqi passport holders can visit a total of 27 countries. Either without a visa, with a visa on arrival, or with an electronic travel authorization (eTA). As a result, Iraq’s passport is currently ranked 107th in the world.

VISA-FREE ACCESS – 6 Destinations

  1. Cook Islands
  2. Dominica
  3. Haiti
  4. Malaysia
  5. Micronesia
  6. Niue

VISA ON ARRIVAL- 20 Destinations

  1. Cambodia
  2. Cape Verde
  3. Comoros
  4. Guinea-Bissau
  5. Lebanon
  6. Macao
  7. Madagascar
  8. Maldives
  9. Cambodia
  10. Cape Verde
  11. Comoros
  12. Guinea-Bissau
  13. Lebanon
  14. Macao
  15. Madagascar
  16. Maldives
  17. Mauritania
  18. Mozambique
  19. Palau
  20. Rwanda


1 Destination

  • Sri Lanka

About Iraq

The Iraqi Republic is divided into 19 governorates. It borders Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, and Iran in the Middle East. Baghdad, Nineveh, and Basra are the most important provinces. The size of the country is 437,072 square kilometers. Its landscape includes wide grasslands, marshes, and mountains. It has an arid environment, with chilly winters and snow in the highlands.
There are more than 38.4 million inhabitants in the country. Baghdad is the country’s capital. It is also the most populated city, having a population of about 8.1 million people.