Visa free Countries for sri lanka! Check here!

Sri Lankan is fantastic if you want to do a stay in Sri Lanka. Drink some thambili, and rub your stomach on a lovely beach somewhere. Things get a little difficult if you want to go around the world. The Sri Lankan passport is ranked #189 on the Passport Index 2018. It is as functional as a submarine’s screen door.

Visa Free Countries

1. Bahamas  

Visa not required for first 3 months

Aside from being one of the sexiest honeymoon destinations in the world. It has fantastic beverages, stunning beaches, and good natives. You also get to hang out with this relaxed pig depicted above.

2. Barbados  

Visa not required for the first 6 months.

3. Dominica  

Visa not required for the first 6 months

4. The Gambia

Visa not required for the first 6 months

5. Grenada

Visa not required for 3 months

6. Haiti  

No visa required

7. Indonesia  

Visa not required for 30 days

8. Lesotho  

Visa not required for 90 days

9. Micronesia

Visa not required for 30 days

10. Saint Kills and Nevis  

visa not required for 30 days

11. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  

Visa not required for 30 days

12. Singapore  

Visa not required for 1 month

Ah, Singapore! The long-lost relative, who aspired to be like us, than accomplished far better than us. They have established an empire with few natural resources based on quality. An enormous service sector has become a center of commerce, banking, and entertainment. This place is an ideal weekend vacation for a concert, family holidays, or wonderful living. The only 4 hours on round trips, which is a tiny Rs. 20.000.

13. Vanuatu  

Visa not required for 30 days

Some Unrecognised Countries

  • Northern Cyprus  
  • Palestine  
  • South Ossetia  
  • Transnistria  
  • Cook Islands  
  • Niue  
  • Bermuda  
  • British Virgin Islands  
  • Cayman Islands  
  • Montserrat