Want to get a job in Italy? Tips and requirements here!!

Guide on the job and finding work in Italy!!

Italy is a Europian country which surrounds by the several islands. The work and employment in Italy are much satisfactory. Working in Italy you will not face any problem with the English language. English is very often used in Italy but in some places, the Italian language is also required. This depends on your field of work you are searching for.

The job market of Italy has been through very tough times in the previous years. The employment rates in Italy improved very much in the past years. If you are thinking of a job career in Italy, then learning Italian will be the key to grow your career. As most of the countries, Italy has also adopted and implemented five-day work culture. This five-day work may depend on your organization where you are working. In Italy, registered workers have many benefits. These benefits include paid work leaves, free public healthcare services, and others also. In case you are self-employed, there is also a scheme to get yourself registered to get benefited.

Requirements and Eligibility for Working in Italy

One of the first and most important things you need to know is whether you are eligible to work in Italy or not. There can be different requirements for different regions if you want to work in Italy. There are very few requirements for European workers. Whereas the non-European workers may face some of the problems while finding a job in Italy. You may need to find a job and need to apply for the work permit to work in the country.

Working in Italy as an EU citizen-

As already mentioned above there are very few requirements if you’re an EU citizen. You only need some of the required documents which are mandatory to get access to the country. You need a valid ID document like passport, Codice fiscale, and any other if required. EU citizens don’t even need a work visa or work permit to work and live in Italy. You only need to register with your country and you can do this by filling out basic forms at the police station.

Working in Italy as a non-EU citizen
  • Third-country citizens need to work on to work in the country.
  • The very first thing you should know is that securing a job in Italy is a priority.

How to Apply for a Job in Italy?

There are things that need to consider when it comes to applying for a job in Italy?

  • Country-style CV
  • Cover letter
  • References from former employers
Italian-style CV
  • It is a good idea to know the style of CV that goes in Italy. That is because recruiters are looking through a certain kind of structure for that.

Here are some do’s when it comes to CV in Italy:


  • Add personal data at the top, such as your name, contact details, and date of birth.
  • Add your nationality as well.
  • Follow your professional experience right away.
  • Apply with a CV in English.
  • Include language skills also.
Cover Letter Tips

A cover letter is one of the essential things that you must submit with your resume. The cover letter is not mandatory but it depends on the job postings you are applying for. Having a cover letter with a resume will add a plus point to your application. Having an extra effort always makes you stand out of the crowd and increase your chances to get selected.

Interview and Networking Tips
  • You should definitely dress good to impress according to the company’s culture.
  • Do research to get a sense of what the dress code should be.
  • Don’t get confused by the Italian way of greeting, with two kisses on the cheeks. This is not appropriate for interview purposes.
  • Stick to a firm handshake and good eye contact.
  • Punctuality is the key.
  • It even aims to be around ten to fifteen minutes early to your appointment.

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