Where's Disneyland

Where’s Disneyland? Different Disneylands Around The World

Disneyland is the world’s happiest place. But each thematic park tweaks to suit local cultures and tastes. To keep visitors happy at five locations. Apart from the two original resort areas in the US. The one Disneyland in California and another Walt Disney World in Florida. Disneylands in Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong offer a variety of food and travel choices. That also makes many tourists feel at home each year. Check the full post to know where’s Disneyland.

Where’s Disneyland? Know the hidden secrets of it!

  • Disneyland may seem like a simple theme park. But, beyond balloons, castles, and cotton candy, there is a hidden universe. It is a place where wild cats wander around the park at midnight. And also the wallpaper hides Mickey Mouse and stars behind the closed doors.


1) Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland
  • Opened in 1983, Tokyo Disneyland is the third famous themes park in the world.
  • After the two Disney parks in the US and larger than the original Disneyland California.
  • Cinderella Castle likes Walt Disney Welt in Florida.
  • In the center of the Park, has rumored because the princess is better suited to do her job.
  • But Disneyland offers the often-reserved Japanese.
  • A place to release its tough side, like karaoke originating in Japan.
  • The globally inspired live shows, including Minnie Oh’s Latin American vibes.
  • That is even followed by even the adult guests in Disneyland, Tokyo.
  • Minnie or the Jubilation street show! It would be a rare sight in the US.

In Tokyo Disneyland, the food offered is different from in the US. With the Japanese cuisine in the Chinese as well as American flavors. You can also buy a bouncy bun. It is a typical Chinese delight with soft, sweet, or savory fillings.

The round bun is the shape of Mickey Mouse ‘s head. And the famous mouse ears are full of teriyaki chicken.
A Japanese traditional dish consisting of the rice and the savory toppings you can order. It can be with US flavors such as taco meat, creolish chicken, and hrimp pawn. It’s then loaded with chocolates and an egg. 
If you still have a pecky feel, try some popcorn with local tastes. Like popcorn soy sauce with
butter. It is next to the ImageWorks picture lab, or the Adventureland Café Orléans, or a Japanese curry from its stand.  
You have to head towards the near Tokyo Disney Shore. A separate park with water-slide for milk tea-flavored popcorn. The famous sweet fusion of tea with milkshakes. That comes from South East Asia and is also called “bubbles tea”.

2) Hongkong Disneyland

Hongkong Disneyland
  • Opened in 2005 and designed to draw visitors from China and Hong Kong.
  • Small Disneyland combines with feng shui and traditional Chinese elements.
  • To generate positive energy, Feng Shui combines the elements.
  • The elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.
  • That can also be seen in the theme park.
  • Rocks provide protection and good luck from flowing away.
  • There are also the two giant rocks at the entrance to the park.
  • These positioned to discourage the energy from flowing from the resort.

Water promotes wealth and fortune. As the park lined with reservoirs, lakes, and streams. And not to mention the huge Disney fountain at the main entrance to the park.

The main entrance to the Theme Park has also put for good fortune in a north-south direction. It was supposed to avoid the influx of productive energy into the surrounding South China Sea.

China’s society is full of numerical superstitions with 888 known as a large number of properties. This is why on 8 August 2008 – the eighth day of the eighth month, eighth year. The Beijing Olympics took place. The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel ‘s central ballroom is also exactly 888sqm.

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3) Disneyland Paris

where's disneyland

  • Disneyland Paris opened in 1992 with great excitement. 
  • Tourists would be welcomed an arcade featuring a small replica of the Statue of Liberty.
  • An 1886 gift from France to America, making it a perfect start to this park as the only representation in Europe.
  • You will see other improvements as you begin your journey into Disneyland Paris. Gone is the island of Tom Sawyer.
  • It is an important part of America’s theme parks.
  • Since it is little known in Europe.
  • Discoveryland is, rather, a place devoted to European visionaries.
In Disneyland Paris, the French myth of a smoking drinker is maintained. Some guests are concerned about the lack of dedicated smoking facilities.
But most smokers seem to have been puffing away in all open areas. It is also the only district in the world where you can have an alcoholic drink with your meal. It would be the world’s unhappiest French dinner without a glass of wine.

4) Shanghai Disneyland

  • Disney said at the official ceremony for sixth Disneyland. That open at the end of 2013.
  • Shanghai-based Park has friendly features and other facilities that suit Disney’s destinations worldwide.
  • This ceremony took place afterward and featured traditional Chinese drum music.
  •  Mickey Mouse in a traditional red Chinese Tang suit.
  • A collapsible, matched silk jacket with pants, glowing gold accents on the jacket, taping, and panting cuffs.
  • When Disneyland Paris opened, French philosophers protested the fact.
  • That no more regional culture would integrate here. 
  • Only 10 years after its first day of service, Parisian director Ariane Mnouchkine. In 2002, named “economic Chernobyl” in a theme park in Paris.
  • That still has valid if it’s not a fan of American culture.
Such critics prompted Disney to take extra care in their parks. That is in Hong Kong and Tokyo with the inclusion of cultural elements. If Shanghai Disneyland can go through the opening ceremony in great Chinese style.
It can be personalized Disneyland to make the world’s most famous nation the happiest location in the world.

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