Which Yoga Mat Is Best In India? Check Here!

We all know ‘health is wealth’. Every form of exercise has highlighted by people transitioning into a healthier lifestyle. The ancient practice of yoga is one of the most prevalent forms of wellness. Yoga is for everyone. Buy a yoga mat if you are going to begin your journey.

It seems easy to choose a yoga mat. But there are several considerations that you should take into account. You should check a yoga mat that meets all preferences and priorities. The need for a beginner varies from an advanced yogic person when it comes to finding the right mat for you. Likewise, asanas should be taken into account when selecting a yoga mat.

Before you decide to purchase the best mat, the following points are always in mind.


There are several brands with various yoga mats. They are of different shapes and sizes available online. Choose the trustworthy brand always with enhanced customer reviews and ratings.

A branded product guarantees higher quality and comfort.


Most yoga mats are 6 feet long and 2 feet wide. That is long enough for many people in India.  It is helpful if you check your height and preference in the ideal yoga mat size.


The mat comes in a wide variety like 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, and 15mm.

Why should the thickness bother?

The extra thickness means more covering. It is for easy coiling the material should be soft as well.

Usually, 4 mm thick mattresses are not successful. They are useful for people who have thin yoga mattresses. 6mm thick mats provide mild cushioning. This thickness is considered ideal for most individuals. If an extra-thick yoga mat wants to buy, take 10mm or 13 thick yoga mats into consideration.


Mats got produced using various materials, such as rubber, EVA, TPE, cotton. But Everything you have to make sure your skin is fitted with a rubber or EVA mold. Some individuals have sensitive skin. They tend to get rashes with the foam yoga mat. It can contain toxic substances that can damage your skin. Thus, when buying a yoga mat, the choice of material is important.

Cotton yoga mats are the best choice for allergic skin patients. A cotton yoga mat is thus thin and does not offer a lot of coating like its rubber counterparts.

1. AS Overseas 6mm Anti Skid Long Size Yoga Mat

About this item

  • The mat has an extra-large surface. It helps you to do yoga asanas.
  • It is 4 feet wide and 6 feet tall. It is very soft, comfortable molding.
  • The mat got intended to provide your joints, hips, and knees with extensive support.
  • Mats are degradable.
  • It becomes crumbly when exposed to sunshine or placed at a high-temperature.
  • You can wash it with soap and water and a soft towel. Do not put in a laundromat or dryer.
  • Yoga Mat got intended to offer the greatest possible comfort.


  • The large and long area.
  • Friendly mat with a strong grip.
  • Suitable support for 6 mm coil.
  • Ideal for all yogis.

2. Strauss Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat


Strauss offers high-grade natural rubber and ultra-absorbent fiber.

Rubber mats are considered non-toxic materials.

It’s lightweight and easy to carry. So you can take it with you. It gets you 6mm support from the floor. On this wonderful exercise mat, you will feel comfortable and enjoy your yoga.


  • Made from natural material.
  • It is very light and ideal for travelers.
  • It offers greater density, resilience, and endurance than any normal mat.
  • 6mm in thickness gives enough support.
  • Washable to make the smell free

3. Adidas Yoga mat

Adidas offers Yoga Mat on our list. Thanks to its roll-up design. The mat is kept in the smallest space. And, can thus be stored in your gym bag.

The surface of this mat is 8mm in width. It gives support to your elbows, knees, and other parts of your body. On this Yoga Mat, you’re going to feel very comfortable.

This yoga mat is exceptional for having features like Reversible Padded. It is offered for Rs. 2099 on Amazon.
Adidas is known for its quality. It does not look pricey as we all know. Thus you will consider this Mat when you are looking for a good quality mat. That is reputable and supported by a famous brand.


  • It offers stability with improved grip in challenging positions
  • It provides a wide 8mm thickness for easing
  • Supported by a popular brand
  • Easy to shop and transport with its compact design

4. VIFITKIT yoga mat with free bag


. It is one of Amazon’s most prevalent yoga mats.

It has more than 3500 positive reviews and is popular among yogis. It has EVA foam that absorbs moisture. Your Yoga experience is brought to the next level with its dual non-slip surface.

The most important thing is that this Yoga Mat is lightweight. It’s a washable mat. It can be washed with soap and water. On this Yoga Mat, you can perform any Yoga.