Work And Employment in Argentina.

Nowadays, there seems to be an increase in casual or online work rather than having full-time work. However, finding work and employment in Argentina as an ex-pat is the biggest hurdle facing because it has strict employment laws and high rates of unemployment.
The minimum wage is US$200 per month, but most workers earn more. All Argentinean employers are entitled to an annual bonus that is equal to 1 month’s pay.

Finding work and employment in Argentina

Although getting a job in Argentina is not an easy task. There is no law prioritizing locals over foreigners for work. But, the country is still recovering from the many economic crises which make job opportunities for foreigners. It is also necessary to speak a high level of Spanish to qualify for most jobs.

The easiest route to employment would be to find work before relocating. Yet, people should try to find employment in an international company, an Argentinian company in need of skilled individuals or English speakers.

The job market in Argentina

Most of the opportunities for the job are in big cities, in the banking, IT, and oil sectors. people who can speak Spanish are more likely to find a job.
Alternatively, in previous years there has been a rise in casual and online jobs. Generally, these types of jobs are suitable for singles traveling or for students. These jobs tend not to pay well and can often end up being dodgy with employers. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is one of the popular example. Other examples are journalism, and working in bars or restaurants.

Types of Jobs to Work in Argentina (And Where to Find Them)

The following jobs are popular with foreigners traveling the country, some of them require no previous experience.


English Teacher

Native English teachers are always in high demand, particularly in Buenos Aires and other large cities such as Rosario, and Córdoba. The start of the school year in March is the most active enrollment period.

Hostel or bar work in Argentina

Plenty of backpackers pick up a job in hostels while on the road, often through websites such as Workaway.
Bar work can be arranged by approaching the managers of hotels. Stippened tends to be low, but it’s a great way to make new friends.

Professional occupations

Anyone from medical and lawyers to engineers and architects could land a well-paying gig in Argentina if they own adequate qualifications. Also, a strong command in Spanish is often required.
The website Bumeran and CompuTrabajo cater to Spanish-speaking employees.

The tourism industry

Much of the tourism work is found in Patagonia over the summer months through recruitment websites such as Indeed. A high level of expertise is expected to land a job hiking, rafting, or horseback riding guide. This is all about work and employment in Argentina.