Work in Uganda!!

Uganda is a developing country, with a positive growth perspective. Over the next few years, their economy shows an upward trajectory, according to the World Bank. So, if you are an Expats and wants to work in Uganda we can give you some overview.

Work Permits for Uganda

Before completing their application. All foreign nationals must carefully select the correct work permit. However, if you want to work in Uganda it is compulsory that you have a work permit. You should have a work permit before commencing your work. However, your job position didn’t matter. If you are working for financial gain or on a voluntary basis still you need a work permit.

There are seven major work permit types available to work in Uganda:

They are divided into classes-

  • Class A and A2: Government and diplomatic service workers, and government contractors fall in this class.
  • B: This is for those who want to invest in the agricultural industry
  • C : For the people interested in working in mine
  • D: This for applicants who wish to conduct business or trade
  • E: This for all manufacturers who wish to establish or invest in a Ugandan manufacturing business
  • F: This is for the working professionals who wish to practice their profession in Uganda
  • Class G1 and G2 for volunteers, missionaries, and NGO workers

Pay attention to each work visa requirements, as these vary depending on the type of permit you need. Also, for more information on the different types of work permits check the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Job Hunting in Uganda

Uganda welcomes all the foreign ex-pats, particularly those are working with management consultancies and non-governmental organisations.
You can find a job with so many great online resources. Also, you can find a job that suits your skill level. Some of the best websites that you can use to search for jobs include:

Especially For Englishing Teaching Job

If English is your mother tongue, you might also choose to work as an English teacher in Uganda. As, there are a lot of opportunities available at any time for teaching. You can find some openings using the following resources:

You can also visit the website of the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development. As the sites may answer any questions you have while you are searching for employment in the country.